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Dj Bullett has been doing Music since I was 13yrs old. In 2018 I celebrated 33+yrs In the SoundMusic Industry!! Dj Bullett started on the scene with my childhood sound hifi (Outlaw International) at an early age going by the name of (Mr Dempsey). Playing music through the years and upgrading to more established SoundSystems, in which i garnered the skill to cut my own personal Dubplate’s, as I continue my career on a larger scale !! I finally changed my name to Dj Bullett and quickly became one of Wolverhampton’s main selectors. I built and launch my own sound system namely (Bullett Movements), this has poised me to be a successful Dj/SoundMan/Entertainer. This has given Bullett Movements the opportunity to play all over the World eg : Africa Gambia – Europe Ibizia Spain – Turkey Switzerland- USA – New York- Mexico Jamaica Trinidad & Tobago etc. As a Radio presenter entertaining the public Home or Abroad, you can join me weekly on Sound Chat Radio  – Music is most definitely apart of my life and I take it 100% serious .