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LP Intl. is the brain child of its perennial selector and owner Collin Puma Abrahams. After arriving in New York, Puma gather a few of the neighborhoods talent along with friends from his local high school and set out to make LP one of Brooklyns most lethal sound clashing machine.

One of LPs greatest feat is the sounds ability to adapt to the changing environment. As the dancehall arena changed from sound systems that traveled with a crew of live entertainers so did LP. LP Intl. has taken on a chameleon like personality changing and adapting to the dancehall as readily as the industry changes. Being known as the sound that plays the most Dennis Brown Specials, LPs endurance stems from the fact that Puma has put together a dub box that has withstand the test of time. LP Intl. is one of the few sounds that can boast of being around for more that two decades.

To date LP Intl. proudly wears the title of King Of New York.  L.P International selectors are Puma (owner/selector/mc) Killa D (mc/selector) Ryan Shotta (mc/selector) Fyah C (selector) Junior Killah (selector)